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Tristan Le Govic – “Awen”

If there was one word to describe Awen, Tristan Le Govic’s latest offering, it would be Gentle. In his hands, the Celtic harp laments, dreams and dances its way through this collection of original and traditional music. Included here are slow airs, slides, slip jigs and other tunes from Le Govic’s native Brittany, as well as Ireland, Scotland and even Sweden.

While the jazz-laced tunes “Dans Plin” and “Piz Bihan” show off Tristan’s great technical skill, it’s the gentle, slower pieces that really shine. Here, the true voice and soul of his harp can be heard.

“Le Songe d’Orianne” is the sumptuous lament of a mermaid queen, with layers as deep as the ocean she dwells in.  On another original tune, “Glaz,” the listener is infused with  the soft golden sunlight of the rain-drenched forest that inspired this piece. The album closes with  the traditional “Enez Eusa,” a beautiful tune full of profound longing.

The solo instrument nature of Awen allows the listener to enjoy the breadth of sound the Celtic harp can produce, as well as the intricate nuances. Tristan Le Govic has created a gorgeous tapestry. This album is a “must-have” for Celtic harp fans, as well as those seeking an introduction to the “son Telenn,” the sound of the Breton harp.

To visit Tristan’s website, click here.

To visit his MySpace page, click here.

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